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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  October 12, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> reporter: we're live in san francisco where firefighters continue to battle a stubborn restaurant fire in the west portal area that has grown over
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the past half-hour. we'll tell you how it could affect your morning commute. and three people detained this morning after a suspected home invasion. who called police and what they are doing on the scene this morning. >> reporter: a san jose home is destroyed by fire this morning. why firefighters say it was too dangerous for even them to go inside and fight it. >> jack kennedy and -- >> oh, now you're jack kennedy. >> "mornings on 2" starts right now. good morning, everyone. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm tori campbell. we're following breaking news. the firefighters are on the scene of two major fires in the bay area. nun san francisco. one in san jose. we do have crews at both of those -- one in san francisco and one in san jose. we do have crews at both of
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those scenes. we do want to start with a restaurant fire. let's go to tara moriarty who joins us live with a look at the firefight still underway. tara? >> reporter: cau -- claudine, this is a really stubborn fire. crews have been battling this for two hours. you can see the roof collapsed. as a result, all muni lines through west portal are shut down, the k, l and m. that's going to cause a traffic nightmare this morning. more than 100 firefighters are on the scene fighting these flames. the call came in from a passerby at 5:00 a.m. we're in front of the west portal union station. it started at the gobble restaurant and spread to an orthodontist's office.
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we'll have to wait for arson investigators to figure out what happened. crews cut walls out to let the fire breathe so they could attack it from up above. >> it seems like it got out of control at one point. was it? >> accessing it was difficult. and then it extended to a greater alarm, a third alarm. >> reporter: this is actually the chief neighborhood for police and firefighters. they are all kind of shaking their heads because this is where they come. no trains going through the area because of heavy police and fire presence. and commuters are not happy. >> i need to go to the airport. but i just missed it. yeah. >> what do do you? >> wait. i don't have a choice. >> reporter: now, we want to mention that all businesses along west portal avenue are shut down until 10:00 this
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morning. there's a couple of coffee shops and those kind of things that open uppery. but they won't be opening up this morning until 10:00. if you need to catch muni, we suggest going to another station, perhaps in the castro, somewhere there. but obviously, this will be quite a headache for many computers. we're live in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. a few hours before the west portal fire, san francisco fighters also responded to another fire. that was reported about 2:00 this morning at an apartment building on fairview avenue. we got a look inside one of the burned units. investigators tell us the fire started on a rather stairwell. no one was hurt. we're told arson investigators were called to the scene. it's unclear why. and we continue our coverage out of san jose where two people have been hurt in a house fire t broke out early this morning on -- fire. it broke out early this morning
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on carlton avenue. matt keller has more. matt? >> reporter: well, you can get a view of how destructive this fire was here. check it out live from newschopper2. the home was burned to the frame. this fire quickly went to two alarms. the fire two firefighters saw the huge flames and made the call for more help. the homeowners also told firefighters there was ammunition inside. there was no way you guys were going inside, right? >> no, we couldn't go inside. there was heavy fire pong our arrival. >> reporter: in the end, 40 firefighters ended up here with five engines and three trucks. the three people living at the home were taken by ambulances. firefighters were told to wear protective eyewear if they got within 50 feet of the house because of the possibility of exploding ammunition. no word on is cause on the fire this morning but firefighters
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say it does not appear to be suspicious. you can see firefighters are still here at the home. but the road here on carlton avenue has reopened to traffic as people head to work this morning. matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. san jose police have detained two people connected to the city's most recent homicide. it was reported at 1:45 at rogers and junction avenues. police say a man was shot near the alo bar. he died at the scene. police detained a car with two people inside. the motive for the shooting is still under shooting. don't worry. we'll get a few wealthy people to bay pay their share, watch out, middle class, the tax bill is coming to you. >> coming up -- what the polls show about which candidate won that debate. some controversial signs in morago have turned up missing.
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19 of the signs were gone on wednesday. two judges have dismissed two claims in the pipeline explosion. instead of public hearing, closed-door negotiations will be held to determine how much pg&e should be fined. many san bruno victims pleaded to keep this process public. the sonoma city council is considering new retricks on --
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restrictions on vicious dogs. owners would be required to keep dogs locked up or muzzled when they are away. owners would also have to go get liability insurance. if you plant -- if you plan to tral on b.a.r.t. expect some delays. they willer performing maintenance at 9:00 tonight. b.a.r.t. says passengers should expect delays. service should be back to normal on sunday. let's get to sal. you want to start out in contra costa county, sal? >> that's right, mike and claudine. we're still gonna be show in contra costa county. maybe not as bad as other days. as you can see, there's slow traffic in antioch and bay point. there was a minor accident and in pleasant hill, there is some slow traffic. we've had a couple of bad days
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on 680 through walnut creek and san ramon. today is not one of them. it looks good but it is wet out there. you might want to give yourself a little extra time. 80 looks pretty good from pinole and richmond heading down to the berkeley area and then we have a look at hayward traffic according to the caltrans data sensors. a little bit of slow traffic heading down the fremont. there have been a couple of minor crashes. let's go to the -- it was backed up for about a 20, 25- minute delay. if you are driving on northbound 280, a little bit of slow traffic. let's go to steve. sal? >> yes. >> it's friday, not saturday. >> yes. >> good morning. we do have cloudy skies, gray skies, cold. that first feel of fog
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yesterday i think was widespread felt yesterday just because it was so cloudy and cool. we had the drizzle and light rain. now, it looks like the low responsible for that. this is the last day for it, and it will start to move out. as we get to the forecast models, temperatures will start to warm up slowly. but today, we have to deal with mostly cloudy skies, cool, local drizzle or light rain. morning fog on the weekend, but sunny and warmer. next week looks warmer. maybe some mid- to upper 80s inland. you can see the cloud cover streaming off the -- streaming off the sierra nevada right there. they are dealing more with low clouds but there is a lot of reports of local drizzle. the low has been rotating out in the pacific for about two and a half, three weeks. it's finally on the move. it will take the cloud cover with it eventually. but not before it takes with it some rain. 45 and raining off and on in tahoe. 50s on our temperatures. they are not changing too much
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with some measure amounts of drizzle. you can see the cloud cover right there streaming around it. but it is slowly working its way out of here. a lot of clouds, mostly cloudy, cool, cool, pattern. a little breezy at sometimes. it might turn westerly, northwesterly. but not before we turn -- temperatures really hard- pressed to warm up in this pattern. 68 pittsburg. hayward, 64. castro valley. 67 san jose. milpitas cupertino, everyone is close. also i think we'll carry that. fog, sun, sunny skieser. we'll take that into -- sunny skies, we'll take that into next week. he couldn't get his hands on the warriors. but what sources say larry ellison is looking to buy and how it is connected to an nfl
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team. and a man carries weapons into l.a.x. what we've learned about the power weapons and why a motive is still unclear. oñ
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it's chilly out there. kind of a gray, cool pattern. mostly cloudy today. highs mainly in the 60s. well, vice president joe biden and his republican rival paul ryan had heated exchange in last night's debate. >> mr. vice president, i know -- >> no. >> mr. vice president, i know you are under a lot of duress -- [laughter] >> but i think people would be better served if we talked one at a time. >> well, jamie dupree is live and jamie, the polls don't seem
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to agree that the debate was heated. >> reporter: you are light right. there was a cbs poll that showed joe biden the winner. there were others from cnn, cnbc, the a.p. had a poll out that showed paul ryan the ryan. both sides declared victory and then can produce data to back up their claim. i just saw a tweet on the twitter account of the president talking about joe biden's victory. a lot of republicans talking about paul ryan's victory. so both sides trying to cast their man came out victorious. if anything, it set the table for the next presidential debate. >> we heard paul ryan saying you have some ground to make up for. which did they go in there -- was this to try to make sure
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that joe biden was in charge and aggressive? and what was ryan's goals? >> reporter: a little bit of both. you could argue from the point of you from both parties that your man did exactly what he hoped to do. last week in denver, biden went out, challenged the republicans on a number of fronts, took the debate to ryan, some might say he crossed that invisible line and went too far. i think that's what some republicans are arguing. i think they are very pleased with ryan. at the beginning, seemed a little unsure and got into it and certainly delivered what a lot of republicans felt like a -- felt like was a good closing statement. each side can they say they -- each said can they say won. the polls are mixed. >> how much did mitt romney and
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president obama take away from this? what are they taking away from this as they prepare for next tuesday? >> reporter: that's gonna be a very interesting point. you asked a very good question there. what would you pull you out of biden last night that you wanted the president to talk about? would it be attacking the president or going after him on portion or other ires. i'm sure the democrats are looking to see what works in their mind last night. what did not. big bird didn't come up. i thought it would but it didn't. on the flip side, i'm sure republicans are gonna focus on this one statement where he seemed to go what the state department said on the attack in libya. biden said, i thought very clearly, there had been no requests for diplomats for extra security. that is just not sure. i would bet that you will see the republicans attack a little along those lines and then go after the president where they
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can. next week's format is a town hall format so a little different where you will have voters right next to the candidate stage. >> do you think we'll watch the vice presidential debate more mosley because how -- more mosley because of how the first one went? >> reporter: yes. i think a lot of democrats felt that biden needed to give the president a bit of momentum. and they feel he did today. did it make had into a game changer? i'm not so sure about that. the other thing that people are talking about is all of the laughs, the chuckles, the head- shagging, the smiling and the -- the -- head-shaking, the smiling and the nonverbal communication by joe biden that's drawing a lot of negative reviews. it got a lot of thumbs down in the media. watch what happens with that. i can imagine a pretty
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hilarious "saturday night live" coming up on saturday. >> and quickly before we let you go. in a town hall style debate, who was the debate? >> reporter: how much do you go on the attack and can you really do that in a harsh manner with people just right next to you who are going to vote? we'll see what happens next tuesday. it's hofstra university in new york. i will be there. >> okay. thank you. and you can read jamie's blog on our website. photos of mitt romney pop up on a google search but not in a way that some say -- that some say favors him. if you go to google and type in "completely wrong" a full page of mitt romney photos comes you. a google spokesman says it's not a political statement by the company and it's due to the
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search engine of picking up him saying he was wrong saying 47% of americans don't pay taxes. screeners found a suitcase containing weapons, a smoke grenade, knives, body bags, a hatchet, a biohazard suit and a device to rappel dogs. the man was caught wearing a bulletproof vest under his trench coat. a judge will determine if he's a flight risk and should return to custody. leon panetta says
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sophisticated computer hackers could put attacks and 0,000 computers have already been hacked. larry ellison is reportedly interested in buying aeg. sources close to him say one of the attractions of buying aeg, it would allow him to relocate an nfl to los angeles. another cool morning in store for us but things could be changing soon. steve will tell us what your weekend has in store an the warmup possibly on the way -- and the warmup possibly on the way. right now -- you see that. they just flipped over a car
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that was overturned in san francisco westbound. we caught it on camera here. this is blocking most of the freeway coming into san francisco. the sig-alert and now we're in trouble for the bay bridge. another report just minutes away. ♪
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today is the first hearing in the bankruptcy case for tully's coffee. all 83 franchises will remain open. but nine company stores will be closed. nearly all employees are being jobs -- are being offered jobs sometimes next year.
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just a few minutes ago, sal showed us the car tilted on the wheels. are you going back to the scene? >> yeah, we are, mike and claudine. the traffic is slow on the bridge because of that overturned suv that's now righted. they are getting cars get by but this is just off the bay bridge coming into san francisco. you see workers out there trying to clean up the spill. it was an injury crash. the paramedics left the scene. the car is still there. they are trying to get the car through. if you are trying to get into san francisco, you might want to look for an alternate route. this is the san mateo bridge getting down there from hayward is gonna be tough. getting to the dumbarton bridge is getting tough. there is a southbound bridge that's clearing. but 880 has not been doing us
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any favors. as we tilt up, i want to look at been -- bay bridge, highway 4 is slow. 7:25. let's go to steve. >> just tweeted. light rain being reported at 7:00 a.m. tahoe, stockman, livermore, there's a lot of low clouds around. it looks like areas in the north bay might get some. you can see this coming around the sierra nevada, coming around that low, still sending in a lot of bands of clouds.
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this system won't do much but it will keep some low clouds drizzle in the forecast tonight. it looks better as we head to the weekend. pretty, not too bad. but -- kind of a real chill. there could be a few low 70s. the fog will burn off sooner. temperatures will begin to warm up, claudine and mike. there's been another arson fire in the south bay. what we've learned about the ongoing problem and the effort to stop it. plus -- [ cheers ] >> as fans pay tribute to the end of a magical season as the giants continue with their playoff journey. >> reporter: an armed man storms this house in vallejo i'd demanding jewelry and valuables from the people living inside.
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this is a -- in san francisco where they are fighting a restaurant fire. it's been going on all morning long. you can see the flames are out,
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it appears. look at the hole in the roof. tara moriarty is out there. sal is watching traffic and we'll keep you updated on this all morning long. a terrifying ordeal for a vallejo family overnight after police say intruders broke into their home and held them at gunpoint. >> reporter: police were able to get here and surround the case very quickly. while this home-invasion robbery was actually in progress. and three men have been arrested. everything started around 10:40
7:32 am
last night. >> the suspect dropped his weapon and then i guess another suspect came out the front with a suspect and they did the same thing to him.
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police dealt with another -- coming up, a neighbor's discovery to a find. the space shuttle is parked near a private lot at l.a.x. as crews have to deal with power lines a little further ahead on the route. it will be on the move. >> let's check in with sal. >> that fire has delied -- delayed the muni lines. you can take a bus shuttle from
7:34 am
there over to the forest hill station. let's take a look at the bay bridge problem. there was an overturned vehicle they are just turning it away. the traffic is still gonna be w here. now the traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights has been slowed down. been slowed way down. give yourself plenty of time get into san francisco and use b.a.r.t. if you can. contra costa county not too bad. we have slow traffic. if you are driving on 80 westbound, it's not been all that bad between pinole and richmond. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a lot of drizzle out there. patrick in redwood shores --
7:35 am
foster city, there is drizzle. take your choice. jennifer said it's raining in reno now too. it's diving a little bit south of us. the cloud cover is still there. not the north bay they are dealing with a lot of low clouds. mostly cloudy, col, light rain. there's measurable amounts. you can see there is a lot going on. so 50s on the temperatures. 54, 57. there's one more system here. it's weak and falling apart. very light rain until this
7:36 am
system goes by. a lot of gray skies. i think the best bet for sun would be to the north. cloudy to mostly cloudy and no doubt about it, cool. yesterday and today those will probably on the coolest days for tomorrow. why a debate turned into a near altercation right in front of voters. and the warning for visitors who have -- who visit a popular south lake tahoe park what. people are told not to do and why they are being asked to leave their pets at home. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians.
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to really help our schools, vote yes on thirty-eight.
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good morning. the fire in the west portal neighborhood of san francisco now looking like it is more contained or under control. however, firefighters still spreading water on it. this is causing delays on muni. k, l and the m traipse are not getting through here on the street. there is a bus shuttle set up at st. francis circle where buses will pick up and take you inbound to get around this problem. hi but right now, the firefighters and the police are asking you not to come down to west portal here as they fight this fire at the squat and gobble restaurant and nearby buildings that went to four alarms. let's go back to the desk. we're watching the stock market for you.
7:40 am
we're -- all three major indexes are posed to finish lower for the week. stocks are rallying. s&p is up. nasdaq is up. they are all responding to a jump in consumer confidence. the imf is recommending that some of the highly- indebted country take some time. but jeam says slowing down debt re-- jeam says slowing down the -- germany slows down the debt reduction. the eu is receiving the award for spreading peace, democracy an human rights across europe. the award comes as a surprise
7:41 am
to some since the eu is wrestling with it. the obama administration claims that it has regained momentum in the campaign to re- elect president obama after last night's performance by joe biden at the vice presidential debate. but alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with a look at why some others say the vice president may have gone too far. allison? >> reporter: claudine, president obama says joe biden was terrific. but some are saying some republicans are accusing the vice president of being downright disrespectful. according to republicans, biden interrupted ryan 82 times. here's one example when ryan tried to make the case that the president's healthcare plan caused senior to lose benefits. >> more -- more people signed up for medicare advantage after the change. >> what are they saying are -- lab they are saying --
7:42 am
>> no nobody -- >> mr. vice president, i know you are under a lot of duress to to -- [laughter] >> i think people would be better served if we didn't interrupt each other. >> well, don't take the full four minutes then. >> reporter: next presidential debate is tuesday in new york. reporting live from washington, d.c., allison you burns, ktvu channel 2 news -- alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. ryan is staying on target. he's staying with the facts. and biden is taking his gloves off and just going after interruptions and not making himself clear. >> i think the president is an excellent president. he's a very decent man. sometimes he's too decent. and joe biden is showing that
7:43 am
you have to call somebody out when they are saying something that isn't true and that's what he did. >> how will you vote? well, take the election quiz and find out which president is best for you. "like" ktvu on facebook and you will find that quiz understand our photo. it's a bitter congressional race between two congressional lawmakers turned ugly at a debate last night. youtube footage shows brad sherman showing his arm around -- throwing his arms around howard's shoulder saying do you want to get into this? a sheriff's deputy intervened. a redirecting process has put the two incumbents together.
7:44 am
the money that's collected would go to victims' offices but critics say it's not the solution, prop 35. >> any convictions garnered under prop 35 will be offturned in the appellate court and voters will have to to pay for that. >> we think this will have a very positive effect, both on deterring the crime but also helping to pay for the infrastructure needed to address it. >> opponents stay the state's human trafficking laws are already working. but supporters say it will give law enforcement another tool. california corrections officials face a january deadline to lay out their plan for the inmate population. a federal three-judge panel has set that deadline. the state has been given until june to reduce the sentences.
7:45 am
corrections officials say it would put them over the court imposed cap. well, a judge is expected to dismiss a discrimination lawsuit filed against the city of oakland by one of its own officers. the chauncey bailey project reports that in a tenttive decision, a judge rejected discrimination claims made by sergeant derwin longmeyer. a judge said there was insufficient evidence for discrimination. longmeyer investigated the killing of chauncey bailey. solano county law enforcement worked through the night to expose homemade explosives found in a vallejo home. [ sirens ] >> the bomb squad detonated explosives recover at a house in the 3700 block of georgia street. the blast rattled windows and even set off fire alarms.
7:46 am
police served a san antonio yesterday afternoon, acts on a tip. they first knocked on the doors of neighbors to evacuate them and then arrested the suspect as he came out of his house to check the motion. >> it's scary. i have a family. it's kind of scare troy think that somebody was blow -- scary to think that somebody was -- was attempting to blow up this area. a violent street gang is considered a national security. they are believed to have as many as 30,000 members around the world. today police in west her ster colorado could find a body near the home of jessica ridgeway.
7:47 am
investigators believe she was abducted while walking to school. so far police are not making any connections between jessica's disappearance and the body found on wednesday. the fbi is asking people to be on the lookout for any suspicious behavior. starting in january. it will cost more to mail a first-class letter or postcard. the u.s. is raiding the price to 46 cents. postcard rates also increased by a penny. but those forever stamps that you bought are still gonna be good even if you paid the current price of 45 cents. people in berkeley are on high alert after a mountain lion scare there. people were told to stay inside while wildlife officers looked for the animal. but they never found it. california public health officials are sending out warnings for people who visit a popular park in south take law toe. it comes after a clip munk testified positive for the plague. the rodent was discovered near
7:48 am
the entrance of the visitor center. >> that has me a little bit worried now. i don't want any fleas on my dog or me. >> they might be sick. they might be dangerous. >> the health department is now urging people who visit a park to stay away from rodents and leave their pets at home. it was two different endings for two bay area prayoff -- playoff teams. >> there is a ground ball. the detroit tigers are headed to the series. >> the atms did lose to the detroit tigers. 6-0. the tigers move on to the american league championship series. after the game, though, the sellout crowd at the coliseum honored the as for the season. >> you can't be too disappointed. what they did this year, it was so unexpected, so magical. it was great. >> much of the as team will be back or should be back next
7:49 am
season. they only have a few players entering free agency. posy, deep left -- posey, deep left field. a grand slam for buster posey! >> that gave the giant as big -- gave the giants a big lead. look at that celebration. the giants move onto the national league championship series. but the giants don't know who they are gog it -- going to play. you can watch the game on ktvu. >> the fans want to know when the team bus comes back. they want to greet them. all right. straight ahead -- we will have more on the -- on the school
7:50 am
bus accident down in southern california. excuse me, that sent about a dozen people to the hospital. >> there you see the pictures there. we're gonna talk about the new transbay tower.
7:51 am
7:52 am
thirteen children are recovering from injuries in san bernardino county after their school bus collided with a u- haul truck. the impact knocked the bus on its side. two students are hospitalized with serious injuries. 11 others and the bus driver suffered minor injuries. the city of san rafael will look at whether more precautions are needed at an intersection where a pedestrian was run over and filled last week at metway road and canal
7:53 am
road. the marin independent journal says a past survey listed this intersection as one of the most dangerous in the city. while the three-way intersection has installed stop signs there as a tall for a traffic sign and speed bumpings. the transbay tower has cleared a major hurdle. the chronicle reports thisby passes a -- bypasses a voter approved ordinance that is taller than 40 feet that casts she doe on city parks and playgroundses -- that casts shad deon city parks and playgrounds. a motion was filed in court yesterday one day before the first batch of names were to be released. alexis wright and her business partner are involved. and police found several boxes of video showing sexual
7:54 am
encounter. a jury found vice mayor joe medrano guilty of embezzlement. he stole $159,000 from their company and was po trayed as a broker. he face as maximum in four years in prison. he will be sentenced next week. the franchise tax board has released its list of the californians who owe the most in unpaid state taxes. some are well-known celebrities. but a san rafael technology entrepreneur tops the list. the founder of sea-net owes $10.7 million according to the franchise tax board. dionne warwick owes $2.6 million and has been delinquent since 2003. and steven segal owes nearly $350,000. he's been on the list since april. well, the mars over
7:55 am
"curiosity" performed some unexpected results during a rock walk. i want to show you a rock about size of a football field. if you look on the screen, the red marks there that shows the laser hit the rock and the purple is where x-rays examined it. nasa says this rock is like other martian rox. scientists say it's more like rare volcanic rocks in found in hawaii. let's head to sal and on the commute. hey, sal. >> hey, mike and claudine. >> this is the macarthur maze, westbound traffic is backed up big time. it looks like we found another chp officer trying to get true here -- to get through here. there was an accident on the bridge on the san francisco side. it's actually just off the bridge. the san francisco side and the traffic is -- well, it's backed up around the maze. it's going to be another one of those days.
7:56 am
if you are trying to get into san francisco. you need to give yourself 30 to 45 minutes to do so just to cross the bridge. let's talk about the middle of the east bay. that commute looks pretty good. no major problems. if you look at the san mateo and the dumbarton bridge. we have a lot of people on the bridges. people have heard about the bridge. it's a little bit wet out there. i just stepped out there. a little bit of water on the ground here in the east bay. let's take a look at san jose, northbound 101 as you drive past 880. that traffic is moderately slow getting up to the sunnyvale area. hello, steve. >> hello, sal. >> happy friday. >> right back at you. we do have mostly cloudy skies. there could be a few breaks in the clouds. there you go. maybe -- mostly cloudy in store. some -- still some higher clouds above. you can see the cloud cover still rotating around. the low-pressure system from tahoe, reno. most of the rain is driving -- we have a lot of reports of
7:57 am
drizzle from the coast to tahoe where it's raining in reno as well. 50s on the temperatures. under mostly sunny skies. we have a combination of those clouds coming in from the sierra nevada. that little system to the left of your screen will kind of keep things going for one more day and then all signs point towards a whamup. mostly cloudy, cool. there will be some sunbreaks. but overall, most temperatures will be in the 60s. it does look like the fog will burn off and that will allow temperatures to warm up. well, the search continues for a missing hollister mother. more on the suspicious circumstances surrounding her car and where police are focusing their investigation. a fire despites a home in san jose. why firefighters say it was just too dangerous to go inside. more than 100 firefighters battle a blaze that starts in a restaurant and spreads to several businesses. we'll tell you how this will definitely impact your commute in san francisco this morning
7:58 am
when "mornings on 2" continues
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. good morning.
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it's friday, october 12th. we're following developing news this morning with firefighters on the scene of two big fires this morning. one is in san francisco and one also in san jose. right now we have matt keller down in the south bay, but let's start in san francisco where a fire is creating a bit of a headache. new information from firefighters, tara? >>reporter: yes. we had a chance to speak with the owners of the wine bar located next door, and they watched sadly as the wine corks floated down the street from all the water. they're still battling the blaze here. it's been about three hours since they first started fighting it. it has been so stubborn. more than 100 firefighters were
8:01 am
on the scene at one point. it broke out in front of the tunnel. as a result all the lines through the west portal are shut down, k, l, and m. around 5 this morning is when the call came in, and over the last few hours it spread to the dental offices and wine bar and nail and hair salon. >> the fire was hard to find. they put out what they saw. it was far away ahead of us in the walls and in the attic before we got there. >> if you're going downtown, the shuttle across the street from starbucks. >>reporter: many are able to
8:02 am
hop on a shuttle, but you can take the bus to circumvent the headache. the k, m, and m shut down. all businesses along the west portal have been shut down until 10:00 this morning, definitely impacting the restaurants as well as a few coffee shops. take a look around me. there is just hoses all over the place, and big fire trucks everywhere. we've got several ladder trucks. i'm counting four of them right now. if we pan over here, you can see this is pretty much a ghost town over here at the station. over here you can see neighbors kept at bay and all of the hoses that extend a city block over here. >> just a few hours before the fire in west portal, firefighters responded to another fire in the city's mission district reported about 2 a.m. at an apartment building on fair avenue near mission
8:03 am
street. we got a look inside one of the burned units and investigators tell us the fire started on a rear stairwell. no one was hurt, and we're also told arson investigators were called to the scene, but we're still unclear exactly why. let's continue the team coverage in san jose where two people are recovering from injuries suffered in an overnight house fire around 4:00 this morning. matt keller has been in there all morning line. why did firefighters have to be cautious? >>reporter: with the daylight you can see how badly damaged this home was. i spoke with the family living next door. the father told me the neighbor came out yelling fire, fire, fire, and then there was exploding glass. you can see just how destructive this fire was to the home. firefighters called for a second alarm when they arrived on scene because of the huge flames. they say they were hold ammunition was in the building
8:04 am
and heard pops inside. they also evacuated the homes on both sides. one woman who lives nearby told me she understands how stressful a fire can be for a neighborhood. >> we had a neighbor's garage start on fire, and you get apprehensive. you have your hose ready just in case. fortunately it didn't go anywhere else. glad about that. >>reporter: the two people living at the home were taken by ambulance to the hospital and one of them had second degree burns. no word on a caution this morning, but firefighters say it does not appear to be suspicious. now, taking a live look here, you can see the vehicle that was parked about 15 feet from the front door. you can see anything that was plastic has melted here on the side, and a window even broken out, obviously a very destructive fire here in san
8:05 am
jose. also in the south bay, police have detained two people connected to the recent homicides in the city. it was at rogers at junction avenue. a man was shot near a bar and did die at the scene. police have detained a car and two people, and a motive is still under investigation. concern about a serial arsonist after another dumpster was set on fire overnight. it was reported just after 7:30 last night. this is the tenth fire in the area in just the past two weeks, and the second in the last 24 hours. fire investigators are worried one of the fires could eventually get out of control. anyone with information about the fires is asked to call the fire department. several rewards are being offered in the case of a missing mother from hollister. a 25-year-old went missing wednesday after dropping her children off at school. yesterday her suv was found engulfed in flames, but no one
8:06 am
was inside. that has sparked new concern by police. >> concern was pretty high, and with this new development it's even higher. we're concerned about the safety of this missing person. >> friends and family spent most of the night searching around the burned vehicle for any clues, and anyone with information about this case is asked to call police. the search continues for a redwood city man who's been missing since tuesday. ryan christopher's abandoned car was discovered near interstate 280. inside the car investigators found his cell phone and medication. the 54-year-old man was reported missing tuesday morning and his family is concerned because he does have a medical condition and is normally in constant contact with family members. police are in washington state to interview two people of interest in the killing of a retired school teacher. king county sheriffs deputies made arrests at gunpoint on
8:07 am
wednesday. they were in the subaru that was stolen from the home. she was found fatally stabbed last friday. the couple is suspect a month long crime spree. a teenager accused of stealing a car and killing a couple has a hearing today. they want to charge him with trying to pull a gun on officers in april and stealing the sports car. a guy accused of three sexual assaults is expected to appear this in court as lawyers prepare for his case to head to trial. he was arrested in january and faces 26 felony charges stemming from three sexual assaults that happened from june to december of last year. your time 8:07.
8:08 am
you might have a messy commute. >> you might. i want to mention shuttles, you can get those at 15th and dissinte. you can get on the trains heading inbound. let's go out and take a look at the bay bridge. it's another terrible day because we had an earlier crash in san francisco near fifth just off the bridge with an overturned car. they've cleared it in about a half hour, but the traffic and damage is already done. if you're trying to get into san francisco, it looks like it absolutely stopped there. i don't see any movement at all. i don't see any movement here. if you're thinking about using alternate routes, not that good. this is a look at 880 traffic here northbound, which is slow driving to downtown oakland. as you look at the map, the
8:09 am
bridge has a lot of heavy traffic getting across the bay. so if you have that card, you can go in later. you might want to do that. let's go to steve. a mostly cloudy day so far. a combination of low clouds 2,000 to 4,000 feet and higher clouds producing rain. we've had light rain and drizzle most of the morning, but they're sliding a little south. so the north bay under the mostly cloudy skies, but i think that wilburn off. temperatures haven't bulged all morning long. you can see how it's diving towards monterey and salinas. mostly cloudy, a few breaks. this should start to end a little bit, but there's a weak
8:10 am
system that has to come by keeping low clouds and maybe a little drizzle going. so cloudy to mostly cloudy today, an opportunity again towards the north for sun and partly sunny or even by the coast later on. 60s to right at 70 degrees. too much in the way of cloud cover. 60s for the peninsula, mostly cloudy, and saturday morning it will be chilly with your weekend, a little warmer on sunday, and the theme right into monday and tuesday. the 2010 disaster that killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes, instead of public hearing, closed door negotiations are going to be held to determine how much pg and e should be
8:11 am
fined. victims pleaded to keep the hearings public. they'll be on hold until november 1. new restrictions being considered on vicious dogs, defining them as one that severely injuries or kills another without probable cause. they are to keep them muzzled and locked up when gone. there will be a proposed ordinance at monday's meeting. the word "bomb" appeared on a suspicious package on a bus. who is claiming responsibility for it? a slow journey. taking a live look at the progress and why the space shuttle is stopped as it's taking a two day trip through los angeles. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians.
8:12 am
8:13 am
to really help our schools, vote yes on thirty-eight.
8:14 am
we have new information about a bomb scare on a south bay bus. police say a 15-year-old morgan hill boy admitted to planting the suspicious package with the word "bomb" on it that forced evacuations and shut down the highway for a couple hours. the boy was released after being cited for i .
8:15 am
the space shuttle endeavor is making its way through the streets of los angeles. >>reporter: not many times you'll see a shuttle like this sitting anywhere on the street. it's going to take two days to go 2 miles. that's the la commute. left the airport, just around the corner, about 2:00 this morning to come here to the parking lot. quite interesting to see the planes fly in to land at lax. if you're coming from northern california you'd fly right by this as you land on the runway to the north part of the airport.
8:16 am
100,000-pound shuttle. $10million, and taking out 450 trees, but they're going to replace double that once it's said and done. quite interesting to have to replace some of the metal plates on the streets to do this. they had to take down street signs and crossing signs. it's something that's really bringing a lot of people out. if you come back here, you get a live look at the endeavor. there are people literally all around here. people have been holding american flags and playing music. it's a sight to see. what a view this is here as endeavor makes it treck.
8:17 am
>> what a sight to see. thank you, adam, reporting live from los angeles. a hering is scheduled for a man that brought a suitcase full of weapons through the airport. he was arrested during a stop over while traveling from japan to boston. you can see some of the weapons there, smoke grenades, knives, a hatchett, biohazard suit. he was also caught wearing a
8:18 am
bulletproof vest under his trench coat. the judge is going to determine if he is a flight risk and if he should go back into custody. the possibility of a massive siberia tack from foreign computer hackers that could dismantle the u.s. power grid, financial system and government says a notice notice. attacks on the saudi oil company affected 30,000 commuters. larry olson is apparently interested in buying aeg. he has previously bid for sport teams, including the warriors, but failed to seal the deal. one of the attractions of buying it, he says, that it would allow him to relocate an nfl team to los angeles. the auction for aeg, which owns
8:19 am
the la kings and staple center is only in the preliminary stages. scientists in florida have a giant mystery on their hands. check it out. a softball size eyeball that washed ashore north of ft. lauderdale. they're trying to figure out what marine animal it belonged to. scientists think a giant squid or a whale. a chance to take yoga at school, well, not everyone is happy about it. it's designed to promote a healthy lifestyle, but parents want their children pulled out claiming it's hinduism. >> it's based on hinduism, and of course it came from india. however, it's westernized now, and we as americans have really brought it into our culture to
8:20 am
gain the actual physical and mental benefits of it. >> while some don't approve, the district has had a lot of support from other parents. an east bay teenager was denied his dream of becoming an eagle scout because he's gay. >> i've been looking up to you for so long. >> now he receives a big surprise when he takes his story to the national talk shows. take a look outside. there you have more gray skies out there this morning. however, steve says a warmup is in the future. the forecast for your neighborhood is next. looking at very slow traffic because of an earlier problem on the bay bridge and the backup is still very strong. we are the sons and daughters of farmers who made cheese;
8:21 am
the keepers of the loafs. the people who will never lower the bar. our world started in deep green grass and rain and the hills and the waves and the big, tall trees of tillamook, oregon. we make cheese of an exquisite standard and we live in a special place... where pure and good were invented. we know you. we know you have to rise early... and work late,
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8:23 am
a story you'll only see on two. a boy scout denied the eagle rank because he is openly gay is making the round of national talk shows this week. he's in new york this morning, and yesterday he was on the ellen show. >> i'm proud of you. i think you're an amazing young man. i heard this story and right away wanted to bring you on. >> his mother posted a petition encouraging the boy scouts of america to change their policy on gay scouts. we talked to him by phone. >> i was not expecting this at
8:24 am
all. it totally blew me away. >> i'm giving you a check for $20,000. >> ellen says she's proud of him standing his ground and presented him with a college scholarship for $20,000. we have posted a link to the petition on the web page at go to the front page, scroll down and click on the web link section. >> wish we could be talking about light traffic, but not the case. >> 80 westbound, how about really terrible coming out to the mcarthur from the berkeley area, a long line of traffic because of the earlier accident
8:25 am
on the bridge. so you're going to be dealing with traffic getting to the toll plaza. once you actually get there, it's about a 30 minute delay, but getting there may take a long time. the whole trip may take you about an hour. let's take a look at the bridges. those are not doing very well. this is a little bit of slow traffic in antioch and if you're driving to the livermore valley, it seems to be improving. san jose northbound 280, a nice looking drive getting up to 17. let's go to steve. we do have mostly cloudy skies, light rain, drizzle. it looks like it's winding down a little bit towards tahoe and reno. there's still some up there. for us mostly cloudy. high and mid-level clouds
8:26 am
coming from of the west and east. those are starting to die south. you can see the dividing line. it looks like east bay and south bay, low clouds mainly. i think there's opportunity for sun. temperatures haven't moved at all. there's so much cloud cover. they've had numerous reports of drizzle and precipitation. that will keep low clouds going through tonight and saturday morning, very light rain. but 50s and 60s on the temperatures. fog wilburn off soon. we're still on top of the news in san francisco. an early morning fire in west portal causes major damage. how it's also causing problems right now for commuters and neighbors. frightening moments for a family as armed men storm their house in the middle of the night. how one of the victims was able
8:27 am
to alert police. we now know what killed the baby panda cub that captured so much attention when it was born at the national zoo. are you ready ?
8:28 am
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a home invasion where a family says intruders broke right into their house and threatened them at gunpoint. police have three suspects already in custody. alex? >>reporter: police were able to get here quickly last night, and they were able to surround the house. while the home invasion robbery was still going on inside, one of the victims was able to call 911 and left the phone on so dispatchers could hear what's going on. three men have been arrested this morning. six people who live here were being held up by armed men who had broken inside the home. they were demanding jewelry and whatever valuables they could
8:31 am
find. the police set up a perimeter around the house. we talked this morning with a next door neighbor who watched as officers with guns drawn took the men into custody. >> very nervous, you know. they told us to get back in the house. we didn't know if they were going to fire on them or what. >>reporter: the people who live at this house did not want to talk this morning about what they went through last night, but one woman did come out and said it was simply a scary situation for all of them. three people arrested, all facing robbery and kidnapping charges. we're live this morning in valiao. there was another explosive situation that police had to
8:32 am
deal with. the bomb squad detonated explosions. the incident began when acting on a tip, police served a search warrant yesterday afternoon. they first evacuated neighbors and then arrested the suspect as he came out of his own house to check out the commotion. >> we're taking the precautions we're taking and feel like at the very least he was a danger to himself and probably the other people around him. >> he was identified as a man in his 50s. investigators are still trying to determine the reason why he had the explosives. new this morning, some of you may have felt a small earthquake this morning in the east bay. a 2.3 magnitude quake struck just about an hour ago 3 miles east of danville. no reports of damage, and a few
8:33 am
people have called in saying they did feel it. new this morning, the norwegian peace prize has been given to the entire union for its history of spreading peace, democracy and human rights. greece spain took center stage at the fund meeting in tokyo. the ims is recommending some of europe's most heavily in debt countries take more time to reduce budget deficits. the experts say moving too fast is counterproductive because it hurts the overall economy. germany, which is europe's largest creditor, says slowing down debt reduction hurts the credibility of the european union. if you travel to travel on the bart, there will be delays for testing between lafayette and pleasant grove.
8:34 am
tomorrow trains will be on manual mode between walnut creek and pleasant hill. passengers should expect delays of 10 minutes. testing is expected to be completed tomorrow night with service back to normal by sunday. we don't have 10 minute delays. let's take a look at the toll plaza. it's still moving very slowly. they try to meter the traffic getting into san francisco stacked up onto the east shore. 580 is a mess getting into the city. people don't expect this really on a friday, but if you're trying to get into the city in your car you're going to be waiting 45 minutes, maybe an hour, depending where you join the line, and it's going to be tough. if you're trying to take bart, it has been doing well getting in and out of san francisco. let's move along to the bridge. some people have been using that or trying to . i would
8:35 am
recommend it as an alternate. going all the way around, not much of an advantage, though. i'll show it to you on the maps. slow traffic on the bridges. a little slowing here on 101. a couple of sun breaks in there. clear lake, partly sunny. they're starting to drift south. there's still loads clouds coming in from the west allowing us to get a lot of drizzling and also reports of light rain, but it looks like we're rounding third and heading for home here on these high and mid-level clouds, and any rain coming off the sierra
8:36 am
nevada. the low clouds in place, they're not going anywhere until probably earlier on sunday. i think we'll see it burn off, and every sign points to a warmup. a low finally made its move inland and now beginning to march off towards the east and probably will be a major weather player as it moves across the country. a little breezy at times, even though things are calm. 60s to right about 70, with everyone close on the temperatures. mother nature says, i think i'll warm things up a little bit, so the weekend in view,
8:37 am
maybe even into monday and tuesday. 19 people are facing felony charges after a protest wednesday night. eight of the 19 people arrested are from san francisco, four from berkley, five out of state, and two people actually from outside the country. the protesters took over a vacant building as part of world homeless day demonstrations. the group broke locks and vandal lized buildings causing several thousand dollars in damage. today is the first hearing in a bankruptcy case of tully's. they are hoping to emerge from chapter 11 sometime next year. organizers of the burning man festival say they may have to move the event from the nevada desert. they're in a legal battle that
8:38 am
would increase security costses by hundreds of thousands of dollars. last year costs were $170,000 could go up to $600,000. samsung has unveiled a smaller and cheaper version of its galaxy smart phone. it is expected to sell for about $500. the screen is the same as the i phone v. this shrine could soon refer to a restaurant rather than the newspaper. it's being converted, prompting the owners of the bar in the
8:39 am
square to lease space for the any tribune tavern expected to open next spring. academics appears to be improving across the state. 53% of schools met or surpassed the goals for this year, a 4% increase from last year despite obstacles created by budget cuts. we now know what caused the death of a giant panda cub last month. a team of pathologists found that the cub had liver trouble and lung disease. the zoo says the death was not the mother's fault and that she took good care of her cub. the oakland zoo has a new state of the art veterinarian hospital, unveiled yesterday after 15 months of construction. officials say it's the largest in northern california and probably one of the top 10 in the country. it is also a green building. it's replacing a much smaller animal hospital that dated back
8:40 am
to 1961. the nhl season was supposed to begin yesterday, instead the lockout remains in place. hockey fans now have a new professional team to root for. the bulls open their season tonight against the condors. the bulls are a san jose sharks affiliate in the echl. the second round of the open gets underway. a three stroke lead after shooting a nine under 62 in yesterday's first round. with all due respect, that's a bunch of mularkey. a warning about a lake tahoe park.
8:41 am
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a question was asked why the white house officials zero officials thought this. >> as they learned more facts they changed their assessment. >> they wanted more security there. >> we weren't told. we did not know they wanted more security. >> u.s. officials in libya says they repeatedly asked the state department for more security ahead of the attacks. when ryan pressed biden about it, he pointed out, paul ryan voted to cut funding for embassy security and ryan accused the vice president of trying to minimize the crisis
8:45 am
in libya. >> they first blamed the you tube video and now trying to blame us. >> the republicans are also accusing the vice president of being down right rude. he interrupted ryan at least 82 times, but democrats said he offered a powerful defense of obama administration policies. president obama watched the debate on air force one as he was returning to washington from a campaign visit to florida. following the debate the president said he thought biden was terrific and said he already called the vice president to congratulate him. mitt romney watched the debate from his hotel in asheville. a spokesman said he called ryan after the debate to
8:46 am
congratulate him. controversial signs have turned up missing. there's a political battle, and by wednesday night they were gone. an investigation is underway. the san francisco giants are moving on to the nlcs after a 6-4 victory over the reds in game 5. the giants are awaiting a opponent and will find out tonight. the a's were eliminated last night with a loss against the tigers. the cause of an early morning restaurant fire at squat and gobble located right across from the tunnel is being investigated. it shut down the k, l, and m
8:47 am
lines. an investigation is underway , and not much to salvage here. even this vehicle parked in the driveway was damaged from the heat. this video shows you how big the flames were just before 4 this morning. neighbors say flames shot up past the telephone poles. the homeowner told them there was ammunition inside the home. that combined with the unstable structure and massive flames forced firefighters to stay outside and use what they call the surround and drown technique. a neighbor across the street says it was scary to watch. >> when i saw it, my heart
8:48 am
stopped. the smoke was scary too. >>reporter: here's video showing just the frame of the home standing. two people living here were taken by ambulance to the hospital and one of them with second degree burns, but the injuries are considered minor. firefighters are investigating the cause and say it does not appear to be suspicious. one fire truck and a handful of firefighters have stayed at the scene in case any hotspots flare up. matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. a judge is expected to dismiss a case. in a tentative decision a judge rejected discrimination claims. the man claimed he was discriminated against because he was a black muslim. in southern california a
8:49 am
bitter congressional race between two democratic lawmakers turned ugly at a debate last night. >>reporter: there's you tube footage of him saying, do you want to get into this? the challenge came when the two were arguing over a federal immigration bill. a sheriffs deputy intervened and hung out to calm things down. . a wounded mountain lion was spotted, but was not found. there are warnings for people who visit a popular park in south lake tahoe after a
8:50 am
chipmunk tested positive for a plague. >> i don't want any fleas on my dog or me no . >> the health department is urging people to stay away from rodents and leave their pets at home. it's going to cost more to mail a first class letter or postcard, raising the price of a stamp by a penny to 46 cents. postcard rates also increased by a penny to 33 cents. if you have those forever stamps, you're still going to be in good shape. california corrections officials say the deadline to lay out the plan for reducing the inmate population has been given until june. that could derail a money saving plan to bring back inmates that are right now housed in private prison.
8:51 am
corrections officials say it would put them over the court imposed caps. looking into whether more precautions are needed for an intersection where a pedestrian was run over last weekend. a van crashed into him at the corner of medway road and canal street. there are reports that past surveys listed the intersection as one of most dangerous in the city. the three-way intersection has stop signs, but there's a call to install speed bumps or lights. two city commissions say they believe the proposed tower on first street will not pose a problem for the area. the chronicle reports that it bypasses a voter approved ordinance which barred construction of any new building taller than 40 feats that cast shadows on city parks and playgrounds. firefighters are still on the scene of a restaurant fire. how this is affecting traffic
8:52 am
and nearby businesses. we'll also have a last check of the bay area commute. take a look at this. we're going to have a big update coming up. [ male announcer ] introducing sizzler's signature sandwiches. starting at $6.99. our tri-tip with hand-breaded onion straws, our crispy shrimp smothered in bang bang sauce, and tuscan chicken on focaccia. sizzler.
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8:54 am
8:55 am
flames started on west portal avenue around 4:40 and then just spread. tara moriarty has been at the scene. >>reporter: we just spoke to the fire chief, and they say it's finally contained after four hours of fighting it. this did go to a four alarm, which means there were more than 100 firefighters on scene. you can see why if you take a look around. the muni station has been shut down. a fire broke out on the corner of west portal in front of the tunnel. as a result, all lines through the west portal area are shut down, k, l, and m. just before 5 this morning the call came in. flames destroyed the squat and gobble and spread to the wine bar, dental offices, as well as two nail shops and a hair salon nearby. >> just so sad.
8:56 am
just to see how this goes down, it's not a good scene. >>reporter: crews say it's too early to say if it started in the kitchen or where. >> it was far ahead of us in the walls and attic before we got here. also, it's kind of amazing and a little bit compartmentalized. >>reporter: now, there are shuttles being provided to folks so they can circumvent the area of town. some of the businesses along west portal avenue are now open to foot traffic, but no vehicle traffic is allowed on west portal avenue. you can see that there are still plenty of ladder trucks out here. there are so many fire and
8:57 am
police on scene, as well as red cross, pg and e and muni workers waiting to hear when things are going to be opening back up. we've got several blocks of west portal and down the street that are all backed up. you can see huge hoses in the middle of the street. this is really a restaurant that a lot of folks around here take their kids to. it's very popular. there's a lot of history for folks around here and a lot of heavy hearts. people glad that no civilians were injured. we do have an update as far as firefighters. two were treated. one was for carbon monoxide levels that were a little high. we understand he has been treated and released. then another firefighter did suffer smoke inhalation, but that person is going to be okay
8:58 am
as well. . >> customers on the k and m can go to vicente and 15th and catch a shuttle and i wanted to touch on the bay bridge. very heavy traffic. when you get over to the peninsula, it's going to be slow. mostly cloudy and cool today. looks warm next week. warmer. >> thank you, steve. appreciate that. that is our report for this morning. thank you for trusting ktvu news. join us at noon. we'll have the latest.
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